Seminar for Bitcoin and Lightning protocol

Each individual topic represents a weekly curriculum.

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Bitcoin Topics

  1. Welcome to Bitcoin Protocol Development

  2. SegWit

  3. Mining and Network Propagation

  4. P2P

  5. SCRIPT and Wallets

Lightning Topics

  1. LN History, Payment Channels and HTLCs

  2. How the Layers of Lightning Fit Together

  3. Lightning Routing

  4. Limitations

  5. The Future of Lightning

Discussion Group Deputies

Each week, deputies are selected at random. The idea isn't to add any pressure. Every group simply needs a designated person to smooth out the interactions and keep everyone on task.

A week before the meeting, the organizers will post deputy assignments along with breakout groups and pairings. Each group will have its own Jitsi link and 3-4 participants.

On the day of:

  • As a deputy, you will need to check-in on slack no later than 15 minutes before the start time. (Ping Caralie on slack to let her know you're ready.)

  • Week 1 for the first 5-10 minutes, we'll meet as a full group. All other weeks, you'll go straight to breakout and be there for an hour.

  • Each week, make sure everyone introduces themselves before you get started.

Your job isn't to lead but to facilitate. You are a timekeeper and a traffic cop. There is no expectation of being an authority on all subjects. Ask others to take turns talking and exploring their questions. Use the Jitsi metrics (Jitsi records how long everyone has spoken for) as a guide of who to draw into the conversation.

All participants are asked to generate their own discussion questions based on the readings. Deputies can feel free to use the provided questions, but exploring the original questions participants came up with during their 1:1 sessions may fuel more participation and engagement.

If you need a hand or feel like the discussion isn't lively, you can slack Jonas and/or Caralie.

There will be a slack post alerting everyone when it's time to meet together for the last ~30 minutes of the session. Please encourage your group to return to the main Jitsi room when alerted. Then you're off duty!

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