How the layers of Lightning Fit Together


Discussion Questions

  1. How would an offline vending machine work?

A walk through the layers of Lightning

  1. How does the LN-Penalty mechanism currently leak out of the update layer?

Creating a channel

  1. What factors should be considered before opening a Lightning channel with a peer?

The Update Layer

  1. How would switching to PTLCs affect the update layer?

  2. If LN were to upgrade the update layer, would the network need to end-to-end upgrade?

  3. Why are the second stage HTLC transactions not part of the commitment transaction?

The Transfer Layer

  1. Explain how the timeout mechanism works for in-flight HTLCs?

  2. How is the payment hash sent to the payer?

  3. Can both HTLCs and PTLCs coexist in a channel?

  4. What's are the required parts of invoices?

The Multihop Layer

  1. How can nodes that are not always online prevent loss of funds?

  2. What are the risks of forwarding below-dust payments?

  3. What is the relationship of the revocation keys for multiple subsequent commitment transactions? What would change if revocation keys were independent?

  4. How can you send a payment to a node without getting an invoice? What are the tradeoffs of this payment method?

  5. Why is a grace period added to the HTLC timeout?

  6. What are routing hints and why are they important for private channels? Do they leak privacy?

Diffie–Hellman key exchange

  1. What is a Diffie-Hellman key exchange used for?

How and when do I use HMAC?

  1. What's the difference between a MAC and an HMAC?

  2. Where are HMAC and MAC implemented in lightning and why?

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